About Us

Our company Casaline which started to its activities in 2007 has complated its investments in a short period and started production in its facility located in Konya – Turkey. 

By focusing on technology and R&D in its 5000m2 facility, Casaline is developing and renewing its product range day by day.By focusing on customer satisfaction and quality, Casaline is a well-known brand either in the local market and abroad.Today 90% of the products of profile ladders,aluminium ladders,aluminium industrial ladders,aluminum scaffoldings and wheelbarrow which is produced in our factory are exported to different countries around the World. And recentlly , Casaline has added a new range to its production with Capo Fix Brand, multi purpose silicone,PU foam,fast adhesive,gasket maker and spray paint.
Casaline aims to serve its customers for many years by its experience and the support given by our customers and will go on to take its steps accordingly to this aim.